I’m moving, how do I pack up my umbrella to take to my new place?2020-12-03T02:49:02+00:00
  • Simply undo 4 chromed dome lock nuts, then these portable Giant Shade Umbrellas can be taken with you when you leave.
  • Simply undo 4 lock nuts, and remove the umbrella and base plate.

Our zinc coated giant swinging umbrellas can be installed to any suitable reinforced and strong concrete slab, providing the depth of the slab is at least 100mm (4″), but preferably 125 mm (5”) if possible.

For installation in lawn, pavers, or general soil we provide a pre fab steel ‘cage’ which is specially designed to be concreted in, with four stainless steel threaded rods exposed for base plate mounting. All concrete should be at least 30MPa.

We install using either masonary dyna-bolts, or use a chem-setting procedure to install your umbrella base plate. Alternatively you can install the umbrella. Our Poolside or Outdoor Shade Umbrellas can be distributed Australia wide as a D.I.Y installation Kit with all instructions.


We Deliver in Perfect Condition- Anywhere in Australia.

What colour options do you have available?2020-12-03T03:27:34+00:00

Our umbrella styles come in various colours. Have a look at our our range for more information.

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